Meditation Class Every Sunday

Meditation is a good technique for all because it gives the practitioner specific things to concentrate. Practicing mindfulness by becoming fully aware of your surroundings is the key. The regular mediation helps the body to rejuvenate and release the day today stress is an effective way to stay happy and peaceful to handle any challenges.
Meditation under guidance has its own advantages and can be practiced anywhere and anytime.

Benefits of Meditation:

(a) Self-Awareness
(b) Stronger connection between mind and body
(c) Present moment awareness
(d) Remain present, grounded, and focused in all aspects
(e) Reduce Stress and Anxiety
(f) Immersed in the present moment
(g) Meditation acts as Anchor of Now
(h) Promotes in reducing stress
(i) Gaining control over anxiety
(j) In the long runresults in living a more stress-free and happy life
(k) Increasedmental clarity and focus
(l) Increased ability of handling emotions and situations
(m) Relaxation of brain nerves
(n) Brings patience, confidence and strength in personality