About Us

We are team of qualified professionals in the field of Yoga and Meditation with vast and indepth experience of Ashtanga Yoga resulting in soulful experience which energies one’s internal powers bringing health and happiness.

Learners from various parts of country in addition to learners from United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc learn on daily basis by participation through online session’s.


  • Yog Path Sansthan was established on 02, October 2015 in Jalandhar (Punjab)
  • Yoga & Mediation teaching are in a systematic way based on spiritual scriptures
  • Adopted Astanga Yoga
  • Yoga & Meditation classes being conducted in Jalandhar, various districts of Punjab & other neighboring States.
  • Collaboration with Khalsa College of Education, DIPS College of Education, KMV College, HMV College, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Police Academy and many other government organizations for conducting Yoga & Meditation Classes.
  • Programs being conducted in Doordarshan & All India Radio
  • Annual Shivirs at various other parts of the country i.e. Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Chennai, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Telangana, Maharastra.